Use technology to grow your possibilities.

The tools are out there, let us find the ones for you!

Erie Applications provides a wide variety of technology services that may be able to completely change your idea of what is available.

Applying Technology

Erie Applications is a new era technology company that provides an unmatched variety of high-quality solutions to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

Application Development

Having your own app is not only cool, it’s the most effective way to grab customer attention. Some examples of the benefits are push notifications, built in loyalty programs, product sales, and so much more.

Sell Products Online

Don’t settle for a web service that doesn’t let you showcase your products. Our websites will create a safe and easy way for your customers to see what you offer and purchase products online!

The Apps You Need

Sometimes all you need is a little guidance. There are unlimited applications available to make your operations run efficiently and effectively. Let us find them for you!

Simple Interaction Experience

Make it easy for your clients to get what they want so they don’t go somewhere else! Simplicity is the ultimate form of perfection!

Imagine the possibilities

Today’s technology is powerful enough to completely innovate what you do as a company. Efficiency is key to your business being as successful as you know it can be!

Seamless Integration

Erie Applications is here to help you stay ahead in today’s world of better, faster, stronger. Our team doesn’t just take on one aspect of your project, we offer the most services and the best talent to back them. Our job is to make technology work for you.

Don’t Be Left Behind

The way we get content today is extremely different than in the past. It is essential to adapt and use the modern tools available to continue reaching customers.

Digital Advertising

Our exdraordinary social media campaigns will make modern marketing easy and fun!

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We film and edit unmatched advertisments for companys all over the US.



Learn from an expert that can guide you through your new software & hardware. Get the most out of your tech!

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