Secure and Monitored Data

Its time to put your data to use. Monitor user events, machinery, assets and more all on 814 Server


Dashboards Built Fast

Dashboards built for your data in days. Using our data servers or yours so you can monitor systems as fast as possible.

No Coding

We've done the hard work already. Now we can directly interface to your data and systems without the need of overhead.

No Internet?

That's no problem. We are experienced in long range communication such as LORAWAN, Satellite, 4G LTE, and Ubiquiti GigaBeam 

Historical Data

We have implemented software to record and save billions of data points per day for years of information and monitoring.


Machine Monitoring

Monitor your machines, sensors, product quality, and usage all at a glance from anywhere. Receive alerts when something is wrong.

Production Level Connectivity

OUR SYSTEMS HAVE BEEN USED TO CONTROL LIVE PRODUCTIONS REmotely, WE DONT Play games when it comes to reliability

We Know How

Need custom solutions? We know how to get it done and we're good at it.

We have built hundreds of custom electronics to interface with software and monitoring. We don't accept that something can not be done. We're always innovating and adapting to insure we will be the first to provide you with a all in one monitoring or control system.

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You may be surprised how quick and affordable it is to monitor your systems