Server Hosting

The benefits of using our server network, is that we can deliver data securely. 

814 Server

Secure & Monitored Data

Our company built a server system to host your companies data securely. We can monitor the data using dashboards to track users, assets, machinery, & more. 


Deliverable Data Dashboards

Dashboards built to serve your data in an organized & clear experience. Dashboards are built to alert data & information, so that you can understand your businesses needs & requirements. 

Live & Historical Monitoring

We don't let our guard down. With continuous monitoring we can track failures and unauthorized use in your systems before something goes wrong. We work with our customers to make sure that they understand and are able to defend against system failures and cyber attacks.

Businesses rely on technology, but often can get busy to maintain and protect it as we should. That's where Erie Applications steps in & we can help protect your business processes & assets. We use cyber security measures to protect against threats & attacks towards your business. 

With the cyber world in danger of not enough cyber security practices; let us modernize and update your systems of technology to enhance your business security. 

Access Management & Control

Divide your cyber ecosystem into security levels and prevent cyber risks to make sure your information is secured. 

Threat Defense

Detect Treats before they become a problem with full network monitoring and automatic threat protection.

Deliverable Data

Enhance your knowledge on your business processes to find & fix errors. This in turn can save you time, $, & resources.


Our servers & dashboards use the fastest computer processing available. 

Marketing Analysis

Use the data dashboards to help understand your websites/apps & user demographics to help understand how to enhance your marketing

Protect your Assets

Understanding & managing your business on the internet can be dangerous without the proper cyber security software.

Server Built by Cyber Engineers

Redundant Servers and Backup Server System. Defends against ransomware and network attacks.

Website & App Analysis

Deliverable data that monitors the users experience on your custom websites/apps. 


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