Custom Hardware Monitoring Devices

Our innovative team uses our experience in cyber engineering to build custom hardware to monitor your business processes. Working with us can help you manage your business on a digital level to save you time & resources. Our understanding of how to integrate cyber technologies efficiently to improve your business processes. 

Remote Monitoring has Changed

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if there is no internet or cell service at our client's location?         
  • We are able to use the latest cutting-edge technologies to monitor devices anywhere in the world
  • Custom Monitoring solutions are often expensive, is that still true?
  • No, new technologies and experience have dramatically reduced the cost of remote monitoring systems.
  • What if there is no power available?   
  • Most of our equipment is able to run for years on battery power. Other systems can use solar or other means.
  • My business wants to monitor machines and assets, but they do not have any monitoring built in, what are my options? 
  • We are able to add sensors and monitoring equipment to just about any device that's out there. We're able to ethically hack and develop systems for your specific needs.
monitor system

Waste Water Monitoring System

Environmental Monitoring

We build and maintain custom environmental monitoring systems that can meet industrial and governmental standards. Systems that provide up to date & accurate data for you to access anywhere in the world at any time.

machine monitor

Lab Machine Monitoring

Machine Monitoring

Monitor your machines, sensors, product quality, and usage all at a glance from anywhere. Receive alerts when something is wrong.

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