Education on Secure Technology Practices 

Learn from our expert to get information on how to use your networks, websites, applications, cyber data dashboards, & more. 

Online Seminar

Schedule a class with our cyber engineering expert on how to keep your business & brands secured. 

Education Seminar

The class goes into detail on how to manage your technology, safe technology practices, & how to check for vulnerabilities to implement solutions. 


Interactive experiences

You will personally talk to our Cyber Expert one on one & learn how to keep your business cyber practices safe & secure from online hackers. 

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About The Educator

I am the CEO of Erie Applications; I have learned & understood the knowledge to train businesses & brands on how to protect their tech. I have put together a seminar that will get from the basics to understanding your business & brands technology. Educated by Yale, & Gannon University. My goal is for my clients to understand how to secure technology. 

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