Our team wants to build your business a personalized NFT artwork as a digital marketing tool to use for your brand & business. The idea is to create digital files into a wealth token, as an invitation, link to charity, business marketing, and more.

Create, Hold or Trade NFT cryptocurrency.

Our team is equipped to create NFT artwork to help digitally market your business community. 


Upload Content on Digital Marketplace

Follow our protocol to transform & manage your cryptocurrency. 

Create Customized Digital Art to Enhance your Brand

Teaming up with our client's vision with our digital artist; we can create artwork for your brand to upload into cryptocurrency for your business. We draw it, you own it. 

Link your website/apps to an NFT created Design to use to invite clients directly.

The fun thing about NFT is you can link your business website/app to an NFT artwork to translate into an invitation to send to clients to market your business/brand. 

  1. Download Opensea

    Connect your Coinbase wallet to your account & set up your user information.

  2. Team up with our Digital Artist 

    Use your vision and imagination to let our artist do the work with drawing on software to create an artwork for your brand/business.

  3. Upload & Link on Opensea

    Follow our instruction protocol to upload artwork to your account with adding the proper information while linking your brand's website/app information. 

  4. Digitally Market

    Time to start marketing your NFT. You have the option to invite & share digital copies of your brand's digital artwork to clients to get them excited. Our team will be here to guide you on the journey. We can market your NFTs on your website/apps through our social media marketing service. 


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